Discover the ultimate dining experience at Boca Bronx, where …


Savor Boca’s signature cocktails like Boca Punch, Hennessy Tamarindo, …


 Join us at Boca Bronx for Women Crush Wednesday and indulge in a fabulous evening of entertainment, complete with live DJ music…


Brunch Menu, featuring appetizing starters like Shrimp Tostada, Guac & Chips, and Empanadas…

Boca Steakhouse & Lounge

Latin Fusion Restaurant & Lounge in the Bronx

Boca Bronx is a Latin fusion restaurant and lounge in the Bronx, New York. We offer a wide variety of dishes, including Steaks, Seafood, Parillada, Mofongos, Fajitas and seafood ceviche. We masterfully fuse the authentic flavors of the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Italy.

We also have a full bar and offer live music and events on weekends.

Redefine your expectations and embark on a memorable dining experience like no other at Boca Bronx.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant Latin Fusion flavors, indulgent Happy Hour specials, and pulsating energy of Live DJs that set us apart from the rest.

Revel in our popular Brunch, savor succulent Steaks, and discover a menu filled with delectable favorites like Lobster, Empanadas, and Octopus.

Enjoy our stylish Indoor and Outdoor seating areas, perfect for dancing and unwinding with Hookahs, while our convenient Curbside Pick-up option brings the magic of Boca Bronx to your doorstep.

Elevate your dining experience and create unforgettable moments at Boca Bronx Restaurant, where we redefine the ordinary and celebrate the extraordinary. #BOCABRONX

Tickle your taste buds

A plate of mofongo with pork belly, a Puerto Rican dish of fried mashed plantains with seasoned and cooked pork belly. A close-up photo of mofongo with pork belly, showing the creamy plantain mash and the crispy, juicy pork belly. A delicious and decadent dish of mofongo with pork belly, perfect for a special occasion. A popular dish in Puerto Rico, mofongo with pork belly is a flavorful and filling combination of two classic ingredients. A visually appealing dish of mofongo with pork belly, with its contrasting colors and textures.


With an inventive culinary team to fulfill your catering needs, we are here to help create your cuisine menu of choice for parties or private events.

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Tickle your taste buds


Indulge in a wide array of captivating events while relishing in our delightful indoor and outdoor dining options. Immerse yourself in daily Happy Hour Specials, Taco Tuesdays, Sunday Brunch, Karaoke Thursdays, Ladies Night Wednesdays, and Golden Saturdays. Our meticulously crafted Birthday Packages guarantee unforgettable celebrations. Experience the enchanting fusion of flavors and vibrant ambiance that Boca Bronx has to offer. Learn more

Party Bookings

At Boca Bronx, we offer two exquisite dining/event spaces for your exclusive events, Our indoor venue comfortably accommodating  seated guests. For those seeking a fresh outdoor dining, Boca's al fresco area is perfect.

Our lounge area ideal for birthday parties, baby showers, office dinners, or corporate happy hour gatherings.

Our spacious Boca restaurant and outdoor lounge provide versatile and convivial spaces tailored to your needs. With our in-house events team, we're here to help you craft an unforgettable, customized experience.

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Transform your expectations and embrace an unforgettable adventure that stands out from the crowd.

“I could not recommend Boca Bronx more, they are fantastic with food and drinks, I have danced all night with the live DJ. Don’t wait go and experience #bocabronx ”

Jose Martinez